Evolving past last-click attribution in paid search


    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” That famous quote applies to the many marketers who default to last-click attribution, even with its well-documented failure to take the entire customer journey into consideration. During ClickZ’s latest Masterclass on paid search optimization, in association with Fospha and Kenshoo, we surveyed 800…

  • How indie publishers can monetize in the shadow of Facebook and Google

    How indie publishers can monetize in the shadow of Facebook and Google

    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] With multinational technological companies Google and Facebook conquering the field of online advertising revenue, many smaller companies and indie publishers are left wondering where they’ll end up in the digital world – if they’ll end up anywhere at all. According to data recently released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, digital advertising revenue in the U.S….

  • PPC

    Pinterest moves into paid search: What you need to know

    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] Pinterest has announced its long-awaited move into the self-serve paid search space, after a period of trial campaigns with select partners. With innovative visual search technology and an ambition to corner the ‘discovery’ phase of search, this could prove an enticing complement to AdWords for many brands. So, how does Pinterest PPC work,…

  • PPC

    Killer demand gen strategy, Part 1: Personas and creative development

    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] When embarking on demand generation channels such as Facebook and Google Display Network, it is important to first ensure that you understand your core audiences and how to best speak to them. The first two initiatives that you should prioritize during the set-up phase is determining the types of audiences and personas you…

  • Do you need a PPC management expert?

    Do you need a PPC management expert?


    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] The eternal question for businesses both large and small: should you run your marketing in-house, or should you hire an expert? There are numerous factors to take into account including level of expertise, the complexity of the campaign, existing internal resources and the management fee of said expert. We’ll come clean. Most of…

  • PPC

    The psychology of language for paid search

    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] The success of your PPC campaigns may depend on the language that you’re using. Here’s how to improve it. Sophie Turton, Head of Content and PR at Bozboz, delivered an interesting presentation in Brighton SEO, offering useful tips on how to improve your language when creating PPC copy. According to Sophie Turton,  people…

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    How to use Google’s new demographic targeting for search ads

    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] Through AdWords, Google has given advertisers a lot of control over when their ads are shown, by means of the different match types and using remarketing lists for search ads. Until recently, however, you were unable to target users based on demographic – a function that has been available for a while now…

  • PPC

    How URL hijackers are disrupting banks’ PPC campaigns

    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] I usually write about search marketing, analytics and conversion optimization, but I felt it was important to share a discovery I made recently. I noticed a major phishing scam hijacking the paid search ads of financial and banking companies on brand keywords. The activity was discovered by an alert I received from BrandVudu,…

  • Is Google’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ ad the future of paid voice search?

    Is Google’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ ad the future of paid voice search?

    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] Google sparked a small firestorm last week as reports surfaced that its intelligent assistant device Google Home had delivered what appeared to be an unsolicited advertisement to unsuspecting owners. The reports first emerged on Reddit and Twitter, where users who own Google Home devices posted that Google slipped in an ad for Disney’s new Beauty and…

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    Biometrics and neuroscience: The future of digital analytics?

    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] Advertising has always been about emotions. Emotions lead to actions and, as such, influencing emotions is the most effective route to influencing actions. Actions, in turn, become habits, and these habits are the driving force that creates global brands. Marketers have never hesitated to exploit this relationship – in fact you could even…

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