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Does your website suffer from one of these five content gaps?

Last Updated: March 3, 2017

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In 2016, Google rolled Panda into its core algorithm. What this means for webmasters is that a website can be hit by (and recover from) a content penalty at any time. But, more problematically, it also means it’s becoming impossible to diagnose why a website has dropped in rankings. Google ultimately does not want us to understand how its ranking algorithm works, because there will always be people who manipulate it. We now suspect that core signals are rolled out so slowly that SEOs won’t even realise when Penguin or Panda has refreshed. For this reason, it makes it crucial that we understand how well our website is performing at all times. This blog post is intended to show you how to do a comprehensive content audit at scale, in order to find any gaps which may lead to rankings penalties. Essentially, there are five types of content gaps a website may suffer from. I’ll explain each one, and show you how you can find every instance of it occurring on your website FAST. 1. Internally duplicated content Internally duplicated content is the daddy of content gaps. Duplicating optimised content across multiple pages will cause cannibalisation issues, wherein Google will not know which internal page to rank for the term. The pages will compete for ranking signals with each other, reducing the rankings as a result. Further to this, if you have enough duplicate content within a directory on your site, Google will treat that entire directory as low quality…

Article Source: Does your website suffer from one of these five content gaps?

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