Eight tips for getting the most from a modest PPC budget

Last Updated: March 3, 2017

Has this ever happened to you? You acquire a new PPC account that’s in a notoriously expensive sector to advertise in. You have plans. Big plans and you’re going to “wow” the new team with grand ideas while visions of industry domination dance in your head. And then comes the reality check: They don’t have the budget. For a moment, your team feels deflated. But then you realize: “Now is the time to show them how truly badass we are by getting creative with that budget.” This is not an uncommon scenario. In fact, we just recently took on a lawyer client who has a $166 budget per day, which sounds okay until you realize clicks in their area of expertise cost up to $125. While it’s every PPC manager’s dream to have an open budget to play with, this takes time to work up to while you gain trust…

Article Source: Eight tips for getting the most from a modest PPC budget

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