Five powerful lead generation and sales prospecting tools for small businesses

Last Updated: March 4, 2017

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Small businesses struggle to build visibility online due to tight budgets and limited work force. These five marketing platforms offer small businesses affordable lead generation and sales tools to provide them with some competitive advantage. Small businesses need lots of support these days. With huge budgets being shifted online by large corporations, competing for the web presence has been harder and harder. Luckily there are tools that offer great solutions for small businesses making their lives much easier and allowing them to be seen online. 1. Leadfeeder One of the most pleasant discovering of this year, Leadfeeder has been my recommended tool in a couple of articles already. It is really simple to use, takes seconds to set up and works like a charm. I love the efficiency and simplicity of the tool. Leadfeeder connects to your Google Analytics and identifies companies behind your site visits. It saves all the data and scores each identified company visit based on how much they have interacted with your site (e.g. repeat visits, how many pages they have viewed before leaving etc.) See which companies visited your site, which page they landed on, where they came from and how long they stayed See the company contact info and employees (as well as how you are connected to them on LinkedIn) Create filters to see company visits based on the source (for example, see company visits which were referred to your site from Twitter) to better customize your pitch Receive regular email alerts with the most recent company visits prompting your immediate action (the sooner you pitch, the better chances are they will remember who you are). Basically, Leadfeeder turns your site visitors into well qualified prospects opening lots of follow-up opportunities for you. 2. Hatchbuck Hatchbuck is a solid CRM and marketing automation system for small businesses that makes it easy to nurture prospects and drive more sales. Some of the more useful features include: The real-time dashboard: see customer activity on the fly. Monitor your contacts’ activity: See who’s visiting which pages. Dynamic tagging to organize your prospects: for example, you can assign a tag to anyone clicking a link in an email you send. This way you can start a campaign or send them another email on that topic. The form and link actions to follow-up on clicks, visits and online forms: for example, you can trigger actions based on clicks inside an email. Easy email templates that look rich and professional Hatchbuck prides itself on having the best customer service (which customers seem to agree upon) which already makes it worth exploring. They offer free real-time demo allowing you to make up your mind if it fits your needs. They…

Source: Five powerful lead generation and sales prospecting tools for small businesses

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