Google just released verified customer reviews: 3 ways to come out on top

Last Updated: May 23, 2017

Customer reviews play an important role in the success or failure of a business. Just think, before you try out a new product or service, don’t you usually go online to read the reviews and see what kind of experiences other customers have had? In addition to boosting your online reputation, reviews can also be used to boost your visibility and authority online. Google has always been a great place to look for reviews; their trusted stores feature contains a lot of helpful insights and information about a wide variety of popular businesses. That being said, they recently decided to do away with trusted stores in favor of a new type of review: verified customer reviews. Now it’s up to businesses to learn the difference between the two as well as how to optimize this new feature in their favor. Below I’ll explain more about what verified reviews are as well as suggest some ways businesses can use them to come out on top of the competition. What is a verified customer review? A verified customer review is a review a customer can leave after making a purchase from a company’s website. It differs from a typical Google review in that in order to leave one, a customer MUST make an online purchase, so the business being reviewed is required to have an online store. Traditional Google reviews could be left about anything (an online purchase, an in-store purchase, a customer service experience, etc.) and they could also essentially be written by anyone, even though Google discourages fake reviews. There is no way to verify that the person leaving the review actually made a purchase. These types of reviews are not going away, but because of their flaws it was necessary for Google to introduce a more reliable way to leave feedback. Image via Verified reviews stand out in the way they are obtained; after a customer makes an online purchase, they’ll be sent an email with a link asking them to leave a review. If they haven’t made a purchase, they won’t receive an email and they won’t be able leave feedback. This is great for other customers who now have a trustworthy way to determine whether a business is worth pursuing; they don’t have to try and guess if a review is authentic or not. That being said, it’s going to require some extra work on the part of entrepreneurs. You have to set up verified reviews, and then it will take some time to build up a positive reputation. Thankfully there are some things you can do to enhance your chances of coming out on top. How to sign up for verified customer reviews The following…

Source: Google just released verified customer reviews: 3 ways to come out on top

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