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How can you successfully set up an efficient business blog on a very tight budget?

Last Updated: March 3, 2017 3

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Setting up online presence for your business can be overwhelming. So much to plan and so much to invest (in terms of both time and money). How much would it cost to set up and market a business site? This is by far the most frequent question I’ve come across for years. This quick checklist will answer your questions. Below I am giving yearly minimum expenses, but of course the less money you are prepared to pay, the more of your own time you will need to invest in figuring some of the tasks. 1. Setting up costs To create a site you basically need to pay for the following things: Your domain name (about $10.69/year for a .com domain) Your site hosting Some hosting companies will include the domain name for free, but you’ll need to start paying for it after the first year. If you go with the shared hosting option, you’ll pay as little as $3.5 per month, sometimes even less. Here’s a good selection of shared hosting providers you can trust. While I am torn over whether you need to invest into a shared hosting, knowing how much of a pain it might be to migrate the site to a dedicated solution in the future, I totally understand why it could be a valid option for someone who is trying to save money at the start. More setting-up expenses will include a basic layout and a design. I would totally recommend using WordPress as a content…

Article Source: How can you successfully set up an efficient business blog on a very tight budget?

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