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How to Start SEO Couple of Important Tips and Techniques

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In 2014 search engine optimization is actually frustrating for newbie’s hence they needs to implement certain most effective SEO tricks and strategies that may improve their websites search engine ranking improved in modern-day search engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing.

Over the past years, search engine optimization has been updating continuously. Google is taking it very seriously the fact that the internet users receive the suitable contents for any requests that they look up. The updates are made to enhance the excellent SERP’s Google provides its visitors and for the people who engage in search engine optimization market. In addition to which, many changes were made into their algorithms from the previous years.

So here I are going to share some Standard plus advanced SEO techniques and suggestions based on Google guidelines which enables you to improve your web page ranking in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

To get started on search engine optimization it’s important to concentrate on two factors one is On Page Factor and other one is Off Page Factors. Following search engine optimization techniques include most of the On Page Factors

  • Choose a Smart Website Name

Website name of any web site should be specific to the contents you’re planning to create in your website. Using the primary keyword of the website inside your website name can become very useful.

Choose a smart website name is just a element for search engine ranking but not necessarily to create a domain keyword related to your market considering the fact that Branding can also be an alternative solution for that.

  • Responsive Website Design

Mainly because of extreme increase in the use of smart phones, tablets and any other gadget with a JavaScript-enabled browser, a website design should be responsive. Many of those people choose browsing the web through these devices. Be sure that the content of the web page is simply readable when seen through all other such devices. Developing a website with responsive design is a really important thing that influences your Website Positioning considering, if your site does not give a good user interface, the person might move to something that truly does.

  • Make use of keywords and phrases just after Keyword Analysis

Complete your Keyword Analysis better with below given list as I did.

Make use of Google Keyword Planner: Google Keyword Planner is the new free SEO tool which offered by Google and it allow you to know your keywords search volume and related Keyword suggestions for you. When compared with some other keyword analysis tool it’s a good idea to use this tool because Google is the top Search Engine used by many people.

Choose Less Competitive keywords and phrases with higher search Volume: choosing best keyword and key phrases are really an important element of search engine optimization because once you find out the Keyword then you could receive large search visitors. More competitor’s means ranking high is also very much challenging. Therefore identify lower competitive Keywords for a better ranking. Instead of choosing just a single Keyword it’s much better chance to ranking multiple keywords once you chosen Key Phrases. So choose Key phrases which work more effectively as compare to single keywords.

  • Create Completely Original Unique Content

One important thing we should consider in SEO that’s if we write Original and great content which is certainly attract a user to read but not really for search engines. Don’t copy Paste whole content from the other website that never going to bring you traffic. So, everyone should avoid Keyword stuffing and other Black hat SEO tricks to create content for your website.

Additional point you should not ignore the content or article must be Interesting and Descriptive. Because nobody is going to like dull lengthy content so create your site content is interesting to read and descriptive content which will make everything regarding the title of the content. So, while creating content for your website keep in mind these important guideline which always live your website in Search Engine Result Page.


    Off page Factors:

Off page SEO basically means to obtain as much as you can one way inbound links pointing to your website. Links from other sites with matching contents is great, however it is even not a problem having inbound links which completely unrelated to your website. Even though unrelated inbound links might not be as effective as related page inbound links, you’ll still take advantage of those links.

Distributing your own articles on social network is really important strategy, not just increase hits, but additionally to get better your Search Engine Optimization. Use of social network is not intending to acquire inbound links however it is an important source to generate visitors to the website. Website traffic is also essential element in search engine optimization therefore take advantage of the social media to get website traffic.

  • Believe in quality not in quantity during building links

Ensure you first create right inter links among all pages and posts of your site to ensure that it becomes more comfortable for the user to navigate. It’s always good to use keyword or phrase in your links but ensure that you link it just to an appropriate web page for your website. This will help to increase the ranking of other pages within your website.

Always try to use relevant, high quality back links which go outside of your web site. This kind of links creates a trust to Google that what you’re talking about is extremely important and helpful to visitors. This could ultimately promote your web site to get a better placement in SERP. Never create your links more quickly because high quality of back links matters as compare with quantity of links for the ranking of a website. So always try to create your posts effective and enjoyable after that the back link will flow successfully towards your content.

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