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How to use Search Console for quick SEO wins

Last Updated: April 17, 2017

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SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how a closer look at Google Search Console can lead to quick SEO wins. There’s no need to have a lot of technical knowledge to achieve quick SEO wins. Google’s Search Console, for example, can lead to great insights, provided that you’re eager to explore them. Laura Hogan, Head of Search at Rice Media, shared her own tips at Brighton SEO on how to use Search Console. There are four key areas in Search Console where you can find quick wins for SEO, and all of them can make a huge difference in your search optimization. 1)  Internal Crawl Errors It’s easy to take advantage of crawl errors and use them as a way to come up with new link opportunities. Crawlers can help you get an overview of the errors to correct them and improve your site’s performance. This can be particularly useful after migrating a site or changing URLs, which gives rise to more reasons for quick fixes. This is a good reminder that every error can turn into an opportunity, provided that you’re willing to: discover all the errors proactively work towards fixing them 2)  Internal Linking When it comes to internal linking, there should be some “priority pages”, the ones we want to focus on. This makes the optimization easier by allowing you to interlink depending on the level of priority for each page. It’s a good idea to have a look at the Search Console to examine whether your top priority pages are already on top of the list. If not, time to link them with more pages to improve their presence. Internal links can also enhance CTR, though it’s not recommended to use too many footer links, as they tend to look messy and spammy, decreasing their chances of being clicked on. 3)  Data highlighting Schema markup should be the first choice for adding structured data markup to your site, but data highlighting can offer an alternative solution. Data Highlighter is a tool for teaching Google about the pattern of structured data on your site. The first step is to decide the data you want to highlight. What makes your business stand out? What do you need to focus on? By using Data Highlighter, you can simply tag the important data fields on your site with a mouse. Then Google can present your data more attractively on the SERP, and in Google features such as Knowledge Graph. Data highlighting offers a bigger SERP presence and increased CTR, all while being simple and requiring no coding to carry out. This makes it easier for Google to discover your most important data, which leads to another SEO win. 4)  Search Analytics Report Search Analytics Report should be a great…

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