PPC 101: Eight tips to get started

Last Updated: May 23, 2017

PPC can deliver effective results for a business, but it can also seem overwhelming when you’re just getting started. How can you use it to increase ROI? PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing, or paid search marketing, offers a great opportunity for every business to promote its services and extend its reach. Whether you’re targeting an existing audience or a new one, PPC campaigns can increase conversions, provided that they’re crafted properly. If you’re considering investing in PPC, here are eight tips to keep in mind. Start small If you’re just getting started with PPC ads, then it may be a good idea to test a small campaign first. Your first campaign doesn’t have to be perfect, but it can serve as a great experiment to see what works and what can be improved. This can be a great test without worrying yet about conversion and clicks. The initial goal is to improve your PPC marketing skills until you’re comfortable enough to invest in a bigger budget. Focus on a specific audience, start with a small budget and see what you can learn from the initial results. Set a goal for your PPC campaign It’s useful to set a goal when planning a PPC campaign. Whether it’s brand awareness, lead generation, or engagement, a clear goal can help you focus on the right ways to achieve it. For example, a campaign focusing on lead generation requires very specific metrics afterwards to analyse its effectiveness. Did you manage to reach your set goal with your PPC campaign? Was there a shift in the focus during the campaign? How can you ensure that you increase the effectiveness of your next campaign? Analyze keywords Another good way to start is by analyzing the keywords your competitors are bidding on. How are they performing? Which keywords could work better for your campaign? It may be a good idea to test several keywords until you find the best ones to focus on. Sometimes the ones that convert better are the least expected ones, so make sure you perform research before you start a campaign. Keywords that combine high search volume with low competition are ideal. For a great primer on how to get started with researching keywords, don’t miss Nikolay Stoyanov’s Complete guide to keyword research for SEO. Find your audience The success of your PPC campaign depends on the relevance of the audience you choose to target. It’s important to find the right audience to promote a product, or a service. There’s no need to spend your budget in the wrong audience. If you’ve just started with PPC it may be preferred to focus on an audience who already knows you. This increases the chances to increase conversion, as it…

Source: PPC 101: Eight tips to get started

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