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The right way to do Email Marketing!

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Email Marketing is a concept not unknown to many, All of us have come across those emails in our inboxes containing ads and promotional offers but the sad part in all this is that these emails remain unread or get added to the junk folder, thus failing the whole purpose of Email Marketing. Some of this failure is due to wrong timing and some is owing to the dull and boring content contained in these emails. There is dire need for a solution to these problems and ‘Vivek Sharma’ CEO of ‘Movable Ink” claims he has got them.
The right way to do Email Marketing!

Mr. Sharma supports the idea of agile marketing and believes in keeping up with the latest trends in marketing, instead of creating prefabricated messages and emails the emails are adapted according to the environment in which the reader reads them. Even pesky details such as the weather around you gets noted and used. Here are the ten ways recommended by Sharma in order to get read and re-read:

1. Using Multimedia Aids: Gone are the days when a simple image could be used for advertising your product, think of interesting multimedia aids such as videos and slide shows to drive your point home.

2. Social media promotion: Incorporate into your emails the latest ongoing trends from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

3. Personalization of emails: All of us like when someone recognizes are name, add a
homey touch to your emails by adding a name or a picture of your recipient to your email. Try to relate to the person and get to know them, in this way you can get people to revisit your mails and look forward to getting more of them.

4. Introduce new deals: Introduce new deals and make sure that your readers get regular updates about them. Everybody likes to stay in touch with the latest trends and products around them and if they like them they could promote your product as well.

5. Shipping deals: Include some shipping deals into your purchase packages and provide the readers with specific details in your email marketing.

6. Providing Guidance: Provide convenience to your readers and include information about the nearest stores in their vicinity. Add guidance using Google Maps and Geo tags.

7. New products and services: Include information about new products and services in your emails. Add promotional offers with catchy headings which are bound to stand out and catch the reader’s attention.

8. Include Bar codes: Include bar codes for mobile emails, this way readers can get a direct discount from stores by just showing them the email you’ve received. They store will
authenticate the email by scanning the bar code.

9. Up-to date selling: Include the most up-to date products in your emails, this will ensure that your users stay in touch with the latest trends of your business.

10. Make your emails marketing mobile friendly: Nowadays most of the population uses mobile phones and tablet devices for browsing through the web. Try to add buttons which enable purchases over mobile phones as well.

This article relates some fairly simple ways in which you can optimize your email marketing practice and bring up to the mark. And remember that the right email marketing plan is the key to making your business a success through e mails. Have a thorough knowledge of your readers and what interests them the most.

Stephen John, working as a blogger at Key Difference. Area of expertise is on Website Designing, Social Media and Mobile App Development

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