• What are the SEO benefits of social media?
    Social Media

    What are the SEO benefits of social media?


    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] How does using social media benefit your efforts with SEO? Back in 2008, Search Engine Watch published the article ‘Social Media and SEO – Friends with Benefits‘, and I’d highly recommend reading it back now for a stark reminder of how far the digital world has progressed in the last nine years. Some…

  • Social Media

    Google Posts: Growing under the radar


    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] Google Plus has risen from the dead! No we’re only joking, that’s highly unlikely. Google have now rolled out their Posts function for all small businesses with a Google My Business account. No idea what Posts are? You’d be forgiven for being confused, managing your business information on Google calls for some deciphering…

  • Social Media

    How to effectively combine online and offline lead generation

    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] We have two primary forms of leads: online and offline. This article talks about how to combine online and offline marketing for more efficient lead generation. In today’s world we are mostly narrowing in to online leads, thanks to the Internet essentially opening up the entire world for us to peruse. But offline leads…

  • Social Media

    The 2-step guide to driving sales with Pinterest

    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] There are millions of people on Pinterest, searching, pinning, and sharing – so it’s important to recognize its potential for building awareness and filling the top of the funnel, particularly for ecommerce companies. This blog will discuss a couple of recommended targeting types within Pinterest to help fill the top of the funnel…

  • Social Media

    Interview: Why marketers shouldn’t waste their time with Google Posts

    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] The search engine results page recently saw the return of Google Posts, the part-social, part-publishing feature that was launched by Google a little over a year ago during the US Presidential Election. Billed as “an experimental new podium on Google”, Google Posts has attracted a lot of attention from marketers, search specialists and…

  • Social Media

    Google Posts: GIFs and Videos published directly to SERPs

    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] To relatively little fanfare, Google launched its “Posts” initiative during the US presidential election campaign last year. The launch was accompanied by a landing page that labeled this “an experimental new podium”. That same landing page remains live, unchanged, and with the same call to action at its conclusion to “Join the Waitlist”….

  • Optimization at the intersection of search, content, social, mobile and local in 2017
    Social Media

    Optimization at the intersection of search, content, social, mobile and local in 2017

    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] The digital environment is rapidly shifting. There are over a billion websites online, and customers have countless brands to choose from when seeking solutions to their needs. Consumer behavior has rapidly matured with the growth of the online world. Customers access the internet through a variety of different platforms and channels. Two thirds…

  • Social Media

    How influencer marketing can benefit your SEO strategy

    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] Influencer marketing is a powerful tactic to add to your SEO toolbox. With links continuing to reign supreme in SEO, but the difficulty of acquiring them increasing, influencer marketing can help you to generate authoritative links which have the additional benefit of an increase in your user engagement signals, traffic, and visibility. In…

  • Twitter tips
    Social Media

    16 Reasons why a business should use Twitter Marketing


    [sc name=”GoogleLinkAds”] Twitter can be described as extremely effective marketing program due to 432 million active monthly fans, 103 million which were in the United States. So, all internet business need make use of the social media site twitter to generate a boost in traffic to their company or website. Twitter specialists, SEO gurus plus…

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