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The Best Types of Content for Local Businesses: Building Geo-Topical Authority

Last Updated: April 18, 2017

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Posted by MiriamEllisQ: What kind of content should a local business develop?A: The kind that converts!Okay, you could have hit on that answer yourself, but as this post aims to demonstrate: There are almost as many user paths to conversion as there are customers in your city, and Your long-term goal is to become the authority in your industry and geography that consumers and search engines turn to.Google’s widely publicized concept of micro-moments has been questioned by some local SEOs for its possible oversimplification of consumer behavior. Nevertheless, I think it serves as a good, basic model for understanding how a variety of human needs (I want to do, know, buy something, or go somewhere) leads people onto the web. When a local business manages to become a visible solution to any of these needs, the rewards can include:Online trafficIn-store trafficTransactionsReviews/testimonialsClicks-for-directionsClicks-to-call Clicks-to-websiteSocial sharingOffline word-of-mouthGood user metrics like time-on-page, low bounce rate, etc.Takeaway: Consumers have a variety of needs and can bestow a variety of rewards that directly or indirectly impact local business reputation, rankings and revenue when these needs are well-met. No surprise: it will take a variety of types of content publication to enjoy the full rewards it can bring. Proviso: There will be nuances to the best types of content for each local business based on geo-industry and average consumer. Understandably, a cupcake bakery has a more inviting topic for photographic content than does a septic services company, but the latter shouldn’t rule out the power of an image of tree roots breaking into a septic line as a scary and effective way to convert property owners into customers. Point being, you’ll be applying your own flavor to becoming a geo-topical authority as you undertake the following content development work:Foundational local business content developmentThese are the basics almost every local business will need to publish.Customer service policy Every single staff member who interacts with your public must be given a copy of your complete customer service policy. Why? A 2016 survey by the review software company GetFiveStars demonstrated that 57% of consumer complaints revolve around customer service and employee behavior. To protect your local business’ reputation and revenue, the first content you create should be internal and should instruct all forward-facing employees in approved basic store policies, dress, cleanliness, language, company culture, and allowable behaviors. Be thorough! Yes, you may wear a t-shirt. No, you may not text your friends while waiting on tables. Customer rights guaranteeOn your website, publish a customer-focused version of your policy. The Vermont Country Store calls this a Customer Bill of Rights which clearly outlines the quality of service consumers should expect to experience, the guarantees that protect them, and the way the…

Source: The Best Types of Content for Local Businesses: Building Geo-Topical Authority

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