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The ONLY lesson from every social media brand fail example ever

Last Updated: March 3, 2017

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Everyone wants to go viral on social media. But sometimes your brand ends up going viral for the wrong reasons. After every such social media brand fail, we experience a familiar cycle. Somebody (or multiple somebodies) instantly shames them on social media. The brand (usually) apologizes. The world moves on. Then a few days later, it happens. A respected industry publication publishes something like this: X Social Media Lessons From [Brand’s] [Social Media Update About Whatever] In 2016 – truly a year filled with disasters if there ever was one (and one best summed up by Vice in April after Prince died) – social media blunders still managed to spark swift and bitter outrage. You see, apparently there are still some lessons that social media managers, directors, and coordinators need to learn. I disagree. There’s only one lesson. But first… May the Delete Button Be With You At the end of the year we were treated to several “Top Social Media Fails of 2016” types of posts. Coming in at number one of just about everyone’s lists was Cinnabon. In case you missed it, Cinnabon caused a big uproar on Twitter after tweeting what they considered to be a tribute to Carrie Fisher. The actress, who died that same day (Dec. 27), appeared as a image of her “Star Wars” likeness, Princess Leia, along with this message from Cinnabon: “RIP Carrie Fisher, you’ll always have the best buns in the galaxy.” A tasteful tribute? The Twitterverse didn’t agree. Shortly thereafter,…

Article Source: The ONLY lesson from every social media brand fail example ever

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