What exactly is PPC keyword management anyway?

Last Updated: March 3, 2017

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PPC keyword management gets a fair amount of attention as a topic of conversation (at least in the world of PPC pros!). It’s also a topic that sends my brain into overdrive when clients mention it. Why? Because the phrase is used so loosely it often means different things to different people. Part of the confusion stems from the fact that PPC keyword management isn’t just one task—it’s a group of tasks. And some are less obvious than others. In this post, I’ll clarify what keyword management means to us at Group Twenty Seven and describe its many aspects, including: Negative keyword management Keyword trend audits Quality score benchmarks Duplicate keyword management Keyword click-through-rate management Low search volume keyword management. Negative Keyword Management For many non-PPC experts, keyword management is synonymous with negative keyword management. It’s true that negative keyword management is an important part of keyword management. But it’s only one part. Regardless, building negative keyword lists is a good place to start when launching new campaigns or taking over existing campaigns. Because the more robust your negative keyword list, the less wasted ad spend you’ll have. That’s why we often perform negative keyword management hourly when we launch new campaigns. Then, we’ll gradually perform it less frequently as we identify fewer and fewer negative keywords. But we never stop managing negative keywords entirely. Things change and new irrelevant words emerge over time. So we continue to perform this task monthly, at a minimum. Keyword Trend Audits Another keyword…

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